How do I setup a new network?

Setting up your luminaires in Casambi is simple. With a Casambi-ready lighting system, all you need to do is download the Casambi app to your smart device. Whether you’re after simple dimming control or looking to create detailed scenes, the app makes this simple.

Read our helpful guide, available to download/preview here. If you have any further questions, check out our technical support or get in touch with us.

To create a new network, select 'Create a new network'. You are then prompted to create either a Classic or Evolution network. For a description of Evolution networks, please see the section entitled "Different types of Networks" 
After selecting your network type, the New Network page is shown. In the New Network screen, you can assign a network name, time zone, location, sharing settings, network mode and network frequencies. Note that a Location must be set in order for sunset and sunrise times to work correctly. The Network Mode has two options: Balanced and Better performance. Most types of network should use 
Balanced mode. Although networks with a large number of devices which are very close to each other (i.e. over 100), Better performance mode can be selected. Note that the default option for Evolution networks is Better performance. Better performance allows faster speed, but at the cost of reduced signal strength. 
You can also share your network if needed. If you would like other devices to be able to access this network, select Sharing and then one of the following options: Open, Password protected or Administrator only. For administrator access and password recovery, add an Administrator email and password. 
Not Shared - Default Setting, only the phone that the network was set up on can access the network - Don't Use.
Open - allows anyone with the Casambi app to control the network, but they can not make configuration changes. 
Password protected - allows the user and administrator access. 
Administrator only - the network is hidden from the network list unless the end-user has access.
Note that Evolution networks offer three levels of user access: user, manager and administrator. Managers can configure the network but not create new user accounts. Only an administrator account can create new accounts.

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